What you need to know about hen weekends

A hen weekend is just like any other party, but the difference is that a hen weekend is only meant for girls (henweekends.co.uk). This is a party done for a girl who is yet to get married or the bride to be; this is a weekend that everyone there should have fun and take about their friendship, funny things they did together, and do many other girl stuff.

When organizing a hen weekend, you should always let the bride make a list of the friends that should attend the party. It is her day, and you don’t want to bring around people that will ruin her mood, remember that you are going there to have fun.

To add to that, the venue should be located somewhere where every invited girl can afford it (https://www.henweekends.co.uk/nottingham-hen-party/). Be fair enough to set a limit of what someone can afford if you are going to do it outside the country, discuss with the entire group, and see if everyone is okay financially.

Before fixing a date for the event, make sure that your friends know about it, let everyone talk her side so that at the end of the day, fix a date that will favor everyone (https://www.henweekends.co.uk/london-hen-party/). Don’t just come up with a date yourself because you might be ruining some other people’s plans, and others might not even appear because you chose a date that they are held up somewhere.

Don’t forget to plan the activities that are going to take place. Remember that everyone should be ready to participate. Planning activities come after you have set a location, and you are ready for the event. The activities to be carried on should favor everyone in the group because you might find some people are limited in some activities; for example, someone who is pregnant. The kind of people attending the hen weekend also determines the kind of activities that are going to take place.

What you need to know about hen weekends

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