Perfect hen weekend ideas

A hen weekend is also referred to as a bachelorette party. Its meant to be a commemoration of the last weekend of a bride as a fiancee before she is wife in her new marriage. Such celebrations are once in a lifetime and thus need to be as memorable and fun as possible. Choosing between themes and ideas for a perfect hen weekend can be an issue, especially that this is a ladies affair plus how picky women are. It should be a weekend party that includes all those close to the bride, including her bridesmaid and guests who are invited.

There are a few ideas that you can choose for a perfect hen weekend and may include:

1. Wine tasting

A classy weekend dinner date of wine tasting can be a fun idea for a cozy hen weekend. You get to have lost of wine to takes while sharing some good memories with the bride and gossip a little while catching up. As you choose a wine-tasting venue, choose one that you can be comfortable getting loud as you chit chat with your girls and has plenty of wine to sip.

2. Book a house in the countryside

A perfect getaway house in the countryside is a blow off steam vibe for the bride. She needs to reflect on her marriage to be and catch up with her girls while she parties with them also. You can opt to book a house that is furnished in the countryside and go turn up, gossip, make memories and have all the fun you want. While there, you can make some food, cocktails and have games to engage on also to make the weekend unforgettable.

3. Spa weekend

Ladies are all about getting the best treats, especially now that a wedding is around the corner. A spa treat would do for the bride to be and her guest and this is an idea you can consider as a hen weekend activity. It’s a getaway that is both luxurious and relaxing for all, and you can have some champagne while at it.

4. Dinner and club night

Nothing fills a girls soul than some good food, supportive friends around her and some good chit chat. A dinner date would also be a good idea before you turn up for some drinks. Instead of just doing dinner and going home or meeting in the club for the hen weekend, you can do both for the night. You get to dress for the dinner date and later for have some sexy clothes for the club.

What you need to know about hen weekends

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